Have you ever connected with someone and just knew that they were amazing and going to be a great friend?

Well I met Kirsten years ago, right around the time I started my business. Kirsten is a very supportive person and literally LIVES LOCAL.

I reached out to Kirsten and asked her to be on the Podcast because she has upped her game on her social media. Not only that but it will give you a different perspective as she is a local baker.

We go into balance and how she does it all, and at the end of this episode she shares a little about her Treat Yourself Subscription Box.

*Note we recorded this before the COVID Lockdown so some things maybe different with regards to Treat Yourself pickup location, but reach out to Kirsten and ask her about it.

Grab a COFFEE or even a WINE, because it’s wine o’clock somewhere and LISTEN into this weeks episode of the Digital Hustle Podcast!

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